Illustrative Style


Style is such an important factor when it comes to client/professional compatibility. My style is the warm and fuzzy combination of Traditional Photography and Photojournalism. I like to call it an Illustrative Style. I love to document the natural events of the day as you beautifully designed them while knowing when to step in, guide you, make adjustments and create opportunity for epic moments.

Illustrative Style takes the structure from Traditional Photography. ​The Traditional Style is very technical, it covers all of the must-have shots of the day with one-size-fits-all poses. It is very straight forward and dependable but it can feel a little stiff or staged...and nothing about you and your love is cookie-cutter. Since every story is unique, we take the story-telling from Photojournalism to find some balance. The Photojournalistic style tends to be more candid and hands off, I would be in the background, very literally documenting the day just as it unfolds. Whatever happens, happens- you should remember your wedding day exactly as it actually was, right?..But what if it could be better than you remember? What if it has much more potential that we can tap into? 

Illustrative Style adds its own element of control and creativity to make for a natural day bursting with content down to every last detail. The ultimate goal, especially for portrait time, is to achieve a beautiful background with the perfect light scenario and capture you candidly and effortlessly within that setting. I will provide you with comfort and confidence by my words and direction. I will make you laugh and offer verbal cues to create real moments between you while encouraging you to emit authentic emotion and share a genuine connection.