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Congratulations on the newest addition to your sweet little family! When your baby arrives, there is no way to slow down actually feels like someone threw it into fast forward. They are only this little for a little while. Every detail from their adorable rolls to their perfect eyelashes is worth preserving. There are a few different types of Newborn Sessions to choose from, so let's explore what will work best for your family! 

One of the main Newborn Sessions I offer is the traditional "Swaddle and Snuggle."  This type is the styled,  in-studio session where the baby is wrapped up and safely shaped into sweet and sleepy poses before they are 2 weeks old. There is a mini session or full session option and while they differ in time and variety, both will include family portraits. When you book your birth month, you will receive a full guide to help you prepare for your studio session!

Fresh 48 is a newborn session that is conducted right in the hospital or birthing center where I will photograph Baby within the first 48 hours of life. Their features will change over two short weeks and what better way to complete their beginning-of-life story than to document their sweet wrinkles, birthmarks and of course the overwhelming joy surrounding you in the place where they took their first breath.

A Lifestyle Session is photographed in your home with natural window light. Baby won't be wrapped and posed in buckets and baskets, but they will be in their own environment interacting with their family in a natural way. Baby could be anywhere from 2 days old to 4 weeks old and this is a great opportunity to capture the incredible bond of breastfeeding. We could show off the nursery, be silly on the bed, love up on the couch, take a bath, or play with our pets!  Whatever we do, there will be tons of snuggles! 

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