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Trash the Dress


...unless you totally want to...because that would be awesome.

A Trash the Dress session is a second opportunity for you and your partner to get dressed back up into your wedding attire, (or something close to it) and take beautiful and creative portraits! Your wedding day can be very fast paced...or maybe you had some not-so-fabulous weather...this is a chance to take our time, go to an epic location filled with a lot of drama and have some serious fun! 


Trash the Dress sessions are a far cry from being boring or posed. Whether you choose to get a little messy or completely SUBMERGE yourself in the experience (wink), these shoots let you inject plenty of

personality into your wedding photo collection.  

The idea of staining, soaking and destroying your beautiful dress is enough to strike fear in the heart of even the bravest bride. But, fear not, most Trash the Dress sessions aren't actually as scary as they look. While you should be open to getting a little dirty and maybe a little wet, it won't be anything a dry cleaner can't handle!

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